Dear brothers and sisters in humanity

We have started this mission recently, which aims to uplift the educational status of the Pakistani youth and community. We also aim to help minority students in Hong Kong.
To make any mission successful, the resources are indispensable. However, resources, or in other words funding, should not be an end in itself.

The PSA appeals to you to help us either through voluntary work or by providing other resources such as venue for meetings and activities, educational material and information and/or financial resources.

The PSA assures you that the help provided by you will be put towards the betterment of the community; not even single penny will be misused.

Please download the form, if you like to sponsor PSA. Sponorship Form

PSA Account Details below:
Current account: 012-922-0-008663-3
Multi-currency account: 012-922-9-293029-0